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“Sour Times”

I was happy to direct this 4-minute short for the Shorty Shorts Film Festival in Portland, but I was even more thrilled to work with this talented, generous cast (credited at the end of the short). Thanks much to Gula Delgatto for including my short, and Donovan Edwards, Ace Hotel Portland, and Pepe Le Moko for donating their resources and locations. Hope you like it!

Happy Birthday, BLCKSMTH

Photo by Chase Person (from l to r, Jennie Kay, Michael James Schneider, Nick Mattos, Wayne Bund, Chase Person, Summer Olsson, Logan Lynn) .ig-b- { display: inline-block; } .ig-b- img { visibility: hidden; } .ig-b-:hover { background-position: 0 -60px; } .ig-b-:active { background-position: 0 -120px; } .ig-b-v-24 { width: 137px; height: 24px; background: url(// no-repeat 0 0; } @media only screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), only screen and (min--moz-device-pixel-ratio: 2), only screen and (-o-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2 / 1), only screen and (min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), only screen and (min-resolution: 192dpi), only screen and (min-resolution: 2dppx) { .ig-b-v-24 { background-image: url(//; background-size: 160px 178px; } }
Photo by Chase Person (from l to r, Jennie Kay, Michael James Schneider, Nick Mattos, Wayne Bund, Chase Person, Summer Olsson, Logan Lynn)

Two years ago, when I lived in Los Angeles, I left my job to take a year-long “artistic sabbatical”. I felt a creative itch that was brought about by working with my LA family at Sacred Fools Theater Company. A few months into that year, I went through some shit. I came out on the other side more determined than ever to create a life that was artistically fulfilling, and more than anything true and authentic to myself. I visited Portland for the first time in February of 2013, and instantly fell in love with it, thanks to my good friend and tour guide Summer Olsson. And then a funny thing happened: Continue reading Happy Birthday, BLCKSMTH

That Horribly Awkward Time I Came Out

photo by Kevin Truong
photo by Kevin Truong

I wrote a short piece for The Gay Men Project on that really comfortable, easy and natural awkward and uncomfortable time I came out to my parents, back in Ye Olden Tymes of 1991. I also had a photo shoot in one of my favorite places, Tyron Creek Park. Kevin’s a pretty damn talented photographer, to be able to make even me look good. Check out the piece here.

Joyeux Noel

"Joyeux Noel"
“Joyeux Noel”


Wow. What a year 2013 has been for the BLCKSMTH blog, and for me personally. I really appreciate you reading about my boring journey, and I look forward to a pretty crazy new year. See you in 2014!

August: A Soundtrack

"Metallic Aftertaste", photo by Summer Olsson
“Metallic Aftertaste”, photo by Summer Olsson

Life is weird. Choices often take you in directions you never would have considered before, and lead you to go places and meet people you otherwise might not have. This month’s soundtrack is inspired by the strange serendipity I have experienced recently, and the awesome new friends I made. It’s a little more pop-y and mainstream than my other soundtracks. Deal.

When you wake up the next day and think, “I’m getting too old for this shit”, you’re doing it right. I had a night like that a few weeks ago in Seattle:

Continue reading August: A Soundtrack