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How To Be Creative In One Easy Step

Sina Grace has been busy, but wrote this for BLCKSMTH recently. It’s pretty great:

Sina Grace, by the artist himself
Sina Grace, by the artist himself

There was this six-month period right after college when my friend (and former classmate) and I came to LA with the dreams of being prolific and fantastic writers, just like we were at UC Santa Cruz. In college, I received not only one but TWO awards for my thesis: a novel about a gay wizard detective (I know, right?). One of those awards was for MONEY. I also won a research grant. If life was anything like college, my proactive peers and I believed we were going to make our dreams come true on the reg.

We were in for a Super Fucking Rude Awakening. Continue reading How To Be Creative In One Easy Step

Full of Grace

You know that pleasant moment when you find out a friend, who you already knew was gifted and smart, is actually quite a bit more talented than you thought? I was in Powell’s Books a couple of weeks ago and stumbled across a graphic novel, Not My Bag, that my friend Sina Grace wrote. Taken from his experiences of working at a certain retailer that shall remain nameless (which is how we originally met), it’s an emotionally complex and brave work. Read it. Buy it

I invited Sina to be the next contributing editor for BLCKSMTH, and he accepted. But I’ll let him tell you himself! Take it away, Sina:

Hi! I’m Sina Grace, a graphic novelist trying to make it by on my creative endeavors. Not My Bag, which recounts a story of retail hell, is my newest book from Image Comics.
I also act as the artist for S. Steven Struble’s cult hit, The Li’l Depressed Boy, and I’ve provided illustrations for Amber Benson’s middle grade book, Among the Ghosts. My art has been used by various musicians, including Rilo Kiley, Childish Gambino, and Common Rotation.

Sina Grace
Sina Grace   (photo by Megan Mack)